Histoire de la sellerie Berti



From childhood I was fascinated by the horse, leather and creation. I decide to 30 years to combine passion and profession.

Then I learned my trade at the National School ABBE GREGOIRE in Paris leather goods division, saddle leather goods under the authority of Mr. Alain GERARD transmits me know and do it well, friend and loyal support over 20 years.

Out of school, I was approached by HERMES SELLIER and integrates after obtaining my diploma, her training workshop. Then comes the "workshop bags" where I am welcomed and accompanied by one who will be my teacher, Mr. Giovanni Bilardo. Thanks to him I refine my action and works on the noblest materials: quality alongside the exception.

Workshop saddle or technical know-how and creativity combine in harmony. I am fortunate to work under the supervision of Mr. Laurent Goblet, demanding and rigorous visionary who will be my second mentor. My thanks to the Big House and these exceptional men.

I found Provence in 2002 when I opened my own workshop, marked forever by the taste of fine workmanship, the leather universe and its secrets. Since then, each creation is a story, an encounter. Enter my world and realize all your dreams ...

Christophe Berti